UIC 400 - Tribo Brake Pad | Tribo Rail
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Tribo Rail Friction Materials
PDF Data Sheets Download
Click on the link here to download a set of PDF Tribo Rail Friction Material Data Sheets.

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UIC 400 - Tribo Brake Pad
Tribo Rail UIC 400 pads are available in a range of thicknesses.

Pads are sold in caliper sets of 4 segments - 2 left & 2 right.

We are currently able to offer brake pads in all of the standard UIC shapes but are willing to consider the manufacture of other commercially viable designs.

We can offer friction materials to suit particular duty cycles and/or vehicle type.

It is essential that the correct material is selected for the application and that there is a clear understanding, regarding the performance expected of the prospective friction material, prior to selection.

This will ensure safe operation but, this will also enable Tribo Rail to provide the best service to you by choosing the most suitable Life Cycle Cost material for the application in question.

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